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A busy local window treatment company seeks to fill a position of General Manager, reporting to the CEO and owner.

Vitalia, Inc.- Fine Window Treatments & Interiors is an all-inclusive fabrication, measurement, installation, and project management company that specializes in servicing interior designers and architects.

We are in business to make the jobs of our clients easier and less stressful. We are an extension of their team.

Our focus is soft & hard furnishings, which include window treatments, bedding, upholstery, blinds & shades, shutters, and motorization. The real focus, however, is making sure that our clients are confident in the work well done. We understand that their scope of work covers floor to ceiling and everything in between. That’s why we take the window treatment part OFF their plate and put it on to ours.

In business for 13 years, we are proud to be experts in our narrow field, providing our clients with superb quality product and excellent communication.

The main role of this position is making sure that all projects are on track, each step is running smoothly, and statuses are communicated to the customers.

Secondary role of this position is making sure that the day-to-day, administrative, organizational, and sometimes personal tasks are done.

The main value of this position is the confidence level from the owner and customers that projects are done on a timely manner and all aspects are well-organized and under control.

Secondary value of this position is giving back time to the owner by handling and anticipating variety of every-day tasks.


Window treatment process steps:

1. Client work

  • Move photos from measures app onto google drive

  • Move photos from google photos onto flikr, tag

  • Update progress report

2. Expediting

  • Place purchase orders: fabric, hardware, hard-goods, etc

  • Check measurements against site notes

  • Go through the confirmations to make sure vendor orders reflect what was actually ordered

  • Follow-up on deliverables

  • Receive purchase orders shipments, check-in against original paperwork

  • Create a production and installation calendar based on timelines

  • Communicate with client at every step (stay ahead of the client)

  • Take fabrics to the workroom

  • Update progress report

3. Installation

  • Work with controller on balance invoice

  • Communicate with client at every step (stay ahead of the client)

  • Update progress report

4. Post-install follow-up & service calls

  • Handle any post-install issues, ie. repairs, replacements, remakes, etc.

  • Take care of returns (request return authorization from vendor, package, take to post office, etc)

  • Work with controller on all vendor invoices

Executive assistant responsibilities:
• Run various business errands, as they come up in the course of the business
• Run various personal errands, as they come up in the course of life

• This is a growing business. This is a new position. Ideal candidate will have the ‘where-it-all’ to identify how she/he can be of value in areas other than specifically described in this document.
• Filing, organizing, keeping areas clean & tidy: fabrics, samples, client folders, working areas, mail, vendor invoices, etc
• Policies & Procedures Manual. Help develop and update systems of ‘how we do things’, help craft new ones, which will be needed as business grows. And eventually use it to train new-hires, as the business continues growing.

Personal values

  • Honesty, integrity, and strong moral compass

  • Works fast and efficiently, able to get a lot done in a short period of time

  • Looks for improvements in every step of the process

  • Extremely organized and detail-oriented

  • Persistent and resilient

  • Trustworthy and can be counted on to safeguard business confidentiality


  • Proven track record of project management

  • Proven track record of executive assistant

Self-starter and initiative-taker – sees what needs to be done without having to be told, reminded, or nagged. Works independently without a lot of oversight and supervision.

Critical thinking skills – many aspects of custom window treatments (and any business process) require “out of the box” thinking. The kind of thinking that doesn’t follow a specific written path, but rather one that figures out, on the spot, what needs to be said, how issue should be probed, when it needs to be escalated, where it can be pushed, and when it needs to be let go.

Follow-through – when a task is delegated or assigned, candidate performs it accordingly and then follows-up with the CEO and the client, in a timely manner, without prompting. Candidate is able to remember and handle many simultaneous projects with multiple moving parts.

Superior communications skills

  • Proper use of English vocabulary and grammar, written and verbal

  • Non-defensive communicator, who seeks to build common ground

  • Comes to the CEO not with a problem, but with ideas for solutions, so that the two can have productive and meaningful conversation

  • Vocal, assertive, logical, and thought-through


  • Able to ask for direction on priorities, when expectations are unreasonable or she sees a better way

  • Gets along with other team-members

Calm and Self-aware

  • Humble and open to constructive feedback, in the effort to improve their skills

  • Doesn’t let things foster, dwells on unresolved issues – rather comes to the CEO with an open mind to express concerns and build consensus and better relationship

  • Calm in the face of adversity, pressure, and multiple competing priorities

• Software skills: Excel, Powerpoint, Word
• Web-based applications: Google mail, calendar, photos
• Comfortable with learning new apps and cloud-based services
• Quickbooks on line

This is a part-time position at the beginning – about 20 hours per week. It has potential to grow into a full-time position, as the business scales and right candidate proves him/herself.

Initially, most of the work will take place in Richboro, PA. Eventually, this role can be transitioned part time to a virtual one, where some of the responsibilities are done from personal home.

This is an hourly position, pay is commensurate with experience.

The values described above are derived directly from Vita’s personal values and how she would like to grow the company. Productivity and efficiency are high on her list. She has high expectations for herself and for others around her. She expects independence and ‘get it done without excused’ attitude. She is a voracious reader of business and self-improvement books.

The right candidate will experience incredible opportunity to be part of a growing, entrepreneurial, female-led business, that’s out of the risky start-up phase, that has an established clientele, and is increasing its presence with additional clients.

This is the opportunity to use your proven organizational skills and shape this new position into what a thriving business needs. It is perfect for someone who is very detailed and has a service-oriented mindset driven by improvements, productivity and desire to create value for the CEO. It is an opportunity to actually be the integral part of the process, be a valued contributor, and help craft the strategies that support the CEO’s vision.

Send your resume and references to In the subject line, put: interested in general manager position