Exciting News from Vitalia, Inc!


I am very excited to officially make our big announcement!


(no I am not pregnant 😊)


There have been many exciting changes at Vitalia Inc. Window Treatments this year.  And I wanted to take a quick minute to update you.


#1. Our most exciting news is that we have moved to a new location.  The new space is now home to our brand new workroom, our offices, and design studio (still exclusively for interior designers).  New workroom went operational on May 4th, 2019 – with NO interruption in service to our clients!


Please update the ship-to address with all your vendors:

Vitalia, Inc Window Treatments

67 Almshouse Road

Richboro, PA  18954


#2. We went through a re-branding process, which culminated with a newly-designed website.  It showcases our portfolio, outlines our vision & mission of servicing interior designers, and features our great team:  general manager, seamster, installer, controller, and window treatment specialist.  Be sure to check out www.VitaliaInc.com to see for yourself!


#3. We’ve been featured on not one, but two podcasts.  Two great influencers in the interior design industry, Michele Williams and LuAnn Nigara tapped me to share my take on growing and scaling a business and to become a recurring guest expert on a new series called Window Treatment Fridays.  Be sure to have a listen!


On a personal note…  Many of these changes weren’t planned.  It became clear that they were necessary.  That’s why it has been a period of great fears, stress, and worry.  But it has also been a period of great personal growth.  Because growth only comes when overcoming fears, stress, and worry.  Perseverance, one step at a time, was key.  Having faith that universe will protect and deliver was another.  Now, on the other side of it, I feel incredibly blessed for my supportive family, diligent and conscientious team, and loyal designers, who continue to trust us with our projects.


Our mission remains the same:  to provide our designers with high quality product and excellent communication.  I thank you for your support.  And hope that we continue to work together!