Can I clone myself?


In 2018, I made a conscious choice to set up my business in such a way that eventually (in 20 years or so), I can fire myself.  There are two things that became apparent as a result of this decision. #1 - I needed to create bullet-proof systems. #2 – I needed to hire exceptional people to execute them.  

File System.jpg

Essentially, I needed to clone myself 😊

Over the course of the last 20 months, I was able to attract some amazing people into my life:  Edna, my general manager, who continuously goes above and beyond her duties, Boris, our skillful seamster,  Tom, our experienced installer, and Aleks, our talented window treatment specialist. I feel very grateful.


Unfortunately, Aleks is not able to return from her maternity leave at this time.  We miss her terribly. And I find myself in the position of needing to find another window treatment specialist to fill her shoes.


If by chance you have a friend in your circle of influence who might be looking for an exceptional place to work, learn, and grow – would you think of Vitalia, Inc and recommend he or she reaches out directly to me?

Phone:  267.228.7378


Hopefully, I will finally have my chance to clone myself! 😊