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VISION - What We Are

Vitalia, Inc is a nationally recognized authority on quality window treatments and soft furnishings, providing excellence to high-end design and architecture firms, contributing to the industry, and doing charitable work. We are the best versions of ourselves, providing the best possible product and service.

MISSION - What We Do

Our primary mission is to provide VALUE to our clients, so that their lives are better due to our involvement. Our clients’ lives are better because:

  1. they saved time

  2. received valuable information and knowledge

  3. reduced stress knowing Vitalia, Inc has it all handled

  4. received high quality service and product, commensurate with budget


  1. Honesty. Integrity. Ethics. Strong moral compass.

  2. Superior product and service

  3. Respect - for individual, time, money, and our brand

  4. Open and excellent communication

  5. Education and continuous improvement



About the Owner

Vitalia (Vita for short) was born and raised in Ukraine and came to America via a Rotary Exchange program when she was 15 years old.  She received her bachelor degree in Marketing and Fashion Merchandising from Albright College, which she attended on a full scholarship.  Next ten years were spent in “corporate America”, advancing through the corporate ranks to Director of Marketing for Lenox China, while also pursuing an MBA from LaSalle University.  After a lot of consideration, she decided to leave the comforts of the corporate job in pursuit of happiness and achievement as an Entrepreneur. 

In 2006 Vita started her window treatment business.  Professionalism, honesty and integrity are the backbone of her business philosophy.  As she runs her day-to-day business, she is often reminded by her former bosses’ words, which have become true guiding principles:  “resilience and persistence make a path for success.”  While growing her endeavor, Vita’s goal is to make her clients’ lives easier, knowing that at least the window coverings part of the project is under control and the homeowner is taken care of. 

Vita lives in Richboro, Bucks County with her husband and life-long friend Vitali, their son Anton and daughter Anna.  When not tending to a curtain emergency, Vita enjoys spending time with family and friends.   You can also spot her on a ballroom floor dancing cha-cha or a Viennese Waltz.  

Family Photo


Edna White - General Manager

With over 30 years of executive assistant and project management experience for major corporations, Edna runs this tight ship like a well-oiled machine. She makes sure that each order progresses through the process smoothly and efficiently, our clients are always in-the-know, and each member of our team feels supported.


Boris Levitsky - Seamster

Originally from the Ukraine, by way of Israel, Boris brings 30+ years of custom sewing experience. Touching everything that comes out of our workroom, he is the talent and the skill that makes our end product possible. In our ever changing world of priorities and timelines, we can always count on Boris’ patience and an always calm demeanor.


Tom Kiosewski - Installer

Our work is only as good as our installations. Arguably the best in the business, Tom is always a favorite with our clients for his friendly demeanor and amazing attitude. He is a favorite of ours because he can make anything work in the field - a mixture of skill and talent that anyone who’s been to an installation quickly appreciates.


Cathy Fishman - Controller

No business can go on without a tight control and overview of the purse-strings. For Vitalia, Inc - it’s Cathy. She supports us by making sure that no invoice goes uncategorized, every AR is collected, and every bill is paid.


Aleks Jakubowska - Window Treatment Specialist

With incredible knack for customer service and great knowledge of the window products, Aleks is an asset to our interior designers. Her primary work is in the field, taking measurements, working with designers on project specifications, putting together fabric combinations, and getting the project through the estimate stage. Currently on maternity leave, Aleks is busy taking care of her baby and we can’t wait for her to come back.


Sewing Machine
Fabric Options

Studio & Workroom

Year 2019 marked the beginning of a new chapter in Vitalia, Inc’s life. We have combined our workroom (where magic happens), with our offices (where more magic happens), with a design studio (think more fairy dust).

Equipped with industrial style sewing machines, 12 ft table, and latest notions, our workroom hums in style and productivity, while producing beautiful custom pieces to our exact specifications and highest standards of quality.

The estimates, scheduling, expediting, and the entire project management process happens right next door in our offices.

Our studio is stacked with latest fabric books, trimmings, and various samples. By appointment, we are happy to work with our designers who need access to our library.